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There is More to Income than Replacing Income

Many people know that it's smart to get life insurance. A well-funded plan is needed to replace your income in the event that you die. Without coverage, your family may be left scrambling to pay the bills after their income drops. While many people know that a well-funded policy is important to replace a working person's income, fewer people realize that stay-at-home spouses need coverage as well. Spouse life insurance is needed to help pay to replace services that they provided during their lifetime. If you or your partner doesn't have an income, but provides child care, cleaning, child shuttling, or other services, coverage is needed to provide those services.

Services Spouses Provide

Whether your partner works for a paycheck or not, the work that they do would cost money to replace. Child care can be expensive, especially if you have more than one child. Housekeepers can be expensive as well. If your children need someone to take them to sports and other activities, you may have to hire a nanny. A policy can help pay for the services that a stay-at-home partner normally provides.

Other Needs to Consider

Life insurance is often needed to help pay for a funeral and other final expenses. A funeral and a burial plot can start at $7,000. Many people do not have that kind of money available in savings to spend in the event of an unexpected death. Work-at-home partners may have probate costs and medical expenses that need to be paid as well. A well-funded plan helps pay for these final expenses, and makes it easier for the family to cope financially in the initial days after a death.

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